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The buck stops here, New Zealand is truly a One Stop Shop as Mother Nature decided to condense her best features in one tiny country from oceans to volcanic mountains where lush rain forests meet glaciers and fiords like no other.


To see and do even some parts of if it, you will have to visit multiple countries and still you might miss out on some aspects.  

New Zealand known for its amazing and awesome activities, from exhilarating to heart stopping to simply breath taking and all in one go has something for everyone. Top this with distinctly kiwi lust for life New Zealand becomes a compelling destination for the trip of your lifetime.

Soft Experiences

Soft or Family Friendly (as we prefer calling it) experience has something for everyone. With an aim to deliver high value experience, our soft experiences programs are focused on delivering maximum satisfaction with extraordinary holiday experience of a lifetime.

Mixed Experiences

Our mixed programs are exactly as it says. There is a bit for everyone from parents with young kids to a group of mixed adults who have different likes and desires. For instance we have programs that includes golf for those keen on a round or two of golf while the non-golfers have something else to do, be it a relaxing SPA day or a walk in the Botanic Garden.

Romantic Escapades

Honeymoon and Special Anniversaries always provides a good excuse to do that Once-In-A-Lifetime Romantic Getaway you always wanted to do. Now you have that chance to enjoy some special treats in New Zealand.

Adventure & Adrenalin

Adventure & Adrenalin does not mean everything is fast paced and action packed all the time. Instead it is clever mix of heart stopping moments to gentle, relaxed paced days where you are indulging in a lazy afternoon at a few boutique vineyards with a gourmet lunch to boot.

Golf Experiences

Golf in New Zealand is a well-balanced way to sink into a landscape that compels exploration of hot springs, glaciers, rain forests, volcanoes - all this in a place not much larger than Andhra Pradesh, a state in India. Golf & New Zealand are made for journeys, both physical and spiritual.