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New Zealand accommodation options are diverse, with something for every level of comfort and budget. XperieNZ have classified them under 4 segments and all four classes of accommodation are offered. We have carefully selected a range of preferred accommodation partners within each classification and continue to expand our selection as required.

Our classification is based on personal inspection along with approved rating standards provided by accredited bodies in accordance with recognized international rating convention. XperieNZ have a wide selection of properties from quality ultra luxury lodges and resorts to basic functional motels and hotels.

The terms ‘Executive’ ‘Premier’ ‘Prestige’ & “Ultra Luxury” are used to define the different levels of accommodation available for you to choose from. The definitions of the terms are based on price, & classification and where applicable the international ‘star’ rating is used to give you an indication of levels of luxury and service you can expect at the various accommodations throughout New Zealand. All accommodation is based on standard rooms of the property unless otherwise stated. Rooms with views will incur a supplementary charge. If any of these properties are unavailable at the time of booking, similar accommodation will be provided and a surcharge may apply.

XperieNZ will endeavour to provide accommodation of a similar standard as requested. The choice of accommodation is limited in remote areas therefore we will use the best available options. Please note price can vary between properties in similar class in all locations based on total availability of such properties in any given location.

* All brand names/logos used are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are hereby acknowledged.