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Guest Feedback

We had taken the Luster plus one tour last May and we want to say that it was great value for money as the trip was meticulously organised & planned to the minutes detail. The tour started in Auckland and ended in Christchurch. The stay in all the hotels were very good especially in Queenstown and we are glad we took Mr. Kumar's advice on the choice of hotels & the itinerary. Here are some pictures taken during our exotic tour, thanks to Kumar.

Priyadarshi & Family, India, May 2014

We had one of our best family holidays, and it was that much nicer thanks to what XperieNZ did for us. We wanted to share our experience with XperieNZ with everyone. In a nut shell- it was mind blowing!! We've always put in a lot of research in planning our holidays. Having planned the last trip ourselves and travelled over 2500 kms in both Islands, we did know a fair bit about what the country had to offer. So we felt planning the details about 5 months before the trip would give us enough time to work things out. However, merging the interests of two fairly adventurous adults and a four year old and a seven year old meant a lot more detailed research and lots of time, which we were sadly lacking in.

That's when one of our friends introduced us to XperieNZ as a destination management company that also did Golf tours in NZ. We got talking to Kumar Swaminathan, the owner of the establishment, who heard the broad requirements we had as a family and as a first step put up an outline of our trip. With the routing and rooms secured, we went about the toughest part, which is selecting from a myriad of adventure activities that catered to all four of us. Key priorities - knock off a few things off the bucket list, photography and fun for the kids.

This is where it starts getting tricky as there is just far too much to choose from on the Internet. Kumar took these 3 objectives and put up a day for day plan over the 15 days. Everything from sky diving to sea kayaking to sheep shearing to name a few, was included in the list.

Now this is not the first time we have made a journey like this - we do this every year and meet some wonderful folks and land up becoming friends with quite a few. What really struck me as exceptional was the meticulous way in which Kumar plotted every single aspect of the trip, which is what made it so seamless for us. Starting from the best way to make a payment, to how best to avail forex, to getting a local SIM with data so we could stay connected, to individual driving directions for every single day put together in a single folder, to best restaurant choices in the different towns and villages we were visiting, to what not to take from a rental car company in terms of value added offers, to taking a short sea kayaking trip versus spending half a day on one, to offering to book a vineyard tour, to asking to go cherry picking with the kids - something that they loved, - all reflect the desire to make the person truly enjoy.

All this does not come from just sending brochures with information stashed in them. It comes from intrinsic knowledge and love for the place. it comes from truly wanting to make one's trip memorable. And most importantly, it comes with a certain sense of pride and belonging.

Thanks XperieNZ for letting us carry a lifetime of memories. We owe you one!

Shubra & Family, India, Jan 2014